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    Dreyfuss, Robert. Devil's game: how the United States helped unleash fundamentalist Islam /. Robert Dreyfuss.–1st ed. p. cm(American empire project ). Chronicling a history of double-dealing, cynical exploitation, and humiliating embarrassment that continues to this day, Devil's Game reveals a pattern that. News, author Robert Dreyfuss has con- tributed an important, highly readable piece of Twentieth-century historiogra- phy. Devil's Game tells the sordid tale of.

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    Devils Game Robert Dreyfuss Pdf

    Devil's game: How the United States helped unleash .. According to Robert Baer, a former CIA covert operations specialist, the CIA also endorsed the. Devil's Game (American Empire Project) [Robert Dreyfuss] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most clear and engaging history of the. "Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam" by Robert Dreyfuss:: Reader comments at Daniel Pipes.

    Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam by Robert Dreyfuss Synopsis: The first complete account of America's most dangerous foreign policy miscalculation: sixty years of support for Islamic fundamentalismDevil's Game is the gripping story of America's misguided efforts, stretching across decades, to dominate the strategically vital Middle East by courting and cultivating Islamic fundamentalism. Among all the books about Islam, this is the first comprehensive inquiry into the touchiest issue: How and why did the United States encourage and finance the spread of radical political Islam? Backed by extensive archival research and interviews with dozens of policy makers and CIA, Pentagon, and foreign service officials, Robert Dreyfuss argues that this largely hidden relationship is greatly to blame for the global explosion of terrorism. He follows the trail of American collusion from support for the Muslim Brotherhood in s Egypt to links with Khomeini and Afghani jihadists to cooperation with Hamas and Saudi Wahhabism. Dreyfuss also uncovers long-standing ties between radical Islamists and the leading banks of the West. The result is as tragic as it is paradoxical: originally deployed as pawns to foil nationalism and communism, extremist mullahs and ayatollahs now dominate the region, thundering against freedom of thought, science, women's rights, secularism—and their former patron.

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    The author laments the massive U. But he fails to acknowledge that Washington had compelling interests in Saudi oil and that the buildup of U. Nor does he consider that the U. There is much evidence that Washington mishandled its relations with Egypt and Nasser because of preoccupations with Israel and the Cold War. In any case, Dreyfuss does not develop this revisionist thesis. The author is on firmer ground in his lengthy treatment of the damage the United States suffered from its policies in Afghanistan.

    Devil's Game by Robert Dreyfuss | American Empire Project

    Dreyfuss argues that our involvement in Afghanistan against the Soviets was fundamentally misguided. Zbigniew Brzezinski and other U. But, by focusing only on episodes of U.

    For decades, the United States has supported secular regimes at odds with Islamism, such as those in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan. The CIA translated the Islamists' violent resistance to nationalism in the Arab world as vehement anti-communism that could be used to stave off the USSR's influence in the region. The U.

    The cataclysmic flaw in this policy became especially apparent after the U. An entire force of CIA-trained Jihadists was abandoned without any regard for where they would invest their acquired skills, leaving a wasteland of warlords to reign over an Afghanistan that would soon give birth to the Taliban and bin-Laden's Al-Qaeda organization, which absorbed much of the suddenly unemployed freedom fighters into a militantly anti-western army whose influence spread across many nations.

    Even Dreyfuss cannot help but indulge in the ominous observation that the consequences of this environment "would become painfully obvious on September 11, While Dreyfuss consistently characterizes America's approach to fundamental Islamist movements as a naive policy based on an ignorant underestimation of the fundamentalist movement, the boundless strategic and corporate advantage behind Western and Israeli support for Islamic fundamentalism over the past 60 years suggests that they knew exactly what they were doing and simply did not care about possible consequences.

    It may not be a matter of ignorance, but rather a matter of willful near-sightedness without any regard for future implications of current policies.

    Such "near-sightedness" appears to have been motivated in no small part by an American Cold War strategy that favored the interests of international corporations in the Arab world, including funds for the dissemination of Islamist propaganda and visits to Eisenhower's Oval Office by Muslim fundamentalist organizer and likely U.

    You do the math. Two perfect--if not essential--companion pieces to Dreyfuss's excellent book are Chalmers Johnson's "Blowback" and "the Sorrows of Empire", which further explore the motives behind American exploits in the mid-east while documenting their tragic ramifications for global stability. Best Evidence of the Origins of Moslem Fundamentalism By Forensic CPA Robert Dreyfuss has produced the most comprehensive and accurately sourced evidence of the monster that was artificially created by first the British and later by our flawed and disastrous intelligence apparatus to protect big oil and arms dealers at the expense of millions of lives lost, displaced refugees, cultures decimated and terrorism worldwide.

    Bombing the Prudential building in Newark! Jul 8, - support for the intervention, it will help her chances as mainstream ultra-legitimate nominee. Robert Dreyfuss, Devil's Game: Henry Holt and Company, , Mar 20, - He is the author of Devil's Game: Jul 5, - On the book jacket for Devil's Game: The book addresses a number of different Middle Eastern interventions made by the West, as outlined below.

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