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then Home Mission Board (HMB) on Freemasonry. The report from the HMB identified A Bridge to Light, by. Rex Hutchens, as one of the Masonic writings that is. Start by marking “A Bridge To Light, A Study in Masonic Ritual & Philosophy ” as Want to Read: A discussion of the themes in Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma. See 1 question about A Bridge To Light, A Study in Masonic Ritual & Philosophy. A bridge to light by Rex Richard Hutchens, , Supreme Council, 33⁰, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern.

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Freemason books help Freemasons acquire the light of knowledge that they seek . PDF format. If you are curious A Bridge To Light by Rex R. Hutchens. A Bridge to Light: A Study in Masonic Ritual & Philosophy [Rex R. Hutchens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A discussion of the themes. Supreme Council of the Thirty Third Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States: . A Bridge to Light, by Rex R. Hutchens, is provided to candidates .

Shelves: spiritual-development , freemasonry , philosophy Freemasonry is truly unique in that there is nothing really to even compare it with. It is the Western World's most formalized mystical tradition and it is extremely eclectic. It combines the mystic traditions of almost every major Religion from Hindu to Islam to Kabbalah while using the symbols of Alchemy mixed with Philosophy and illustrated using the allegory of Chivalric Orders. This book goes through explaining each of the degrees of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Uni Freemasonry is truly unique in that there is nothing really to even compare it with. This book goes through explaining each of the degrees of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States which is degrees These degrees were re-written by Albert Pike after the Civil War. Each degrees focus on questions of morality and is associated with an ideal virtue that the candidate should aspire to live. Each degree is performed and the Candidate participates, almost entirely without any knowledge of what each Degree consists of. I personally find Freemasonry extremely gratifying. It is the one place where I truly feel at home with my own views and ideas of the Universe because strangely enough Masonry unites men of all creeds and backgrounds to the common cause of bettering themselves and committing to being benefactors towards mankind. It transcends dogma, nationalities and religions to focus on the core ideas that have driven the social evolution of civilization. People who want to believe the conspiracy theories about Masonry suffer from a tremendous deficiency of understanding what it is all really about. The greatest secret is one that can never be revealed because it is only found on the individual level. The central idea behind keeping knowledge secret from the uninitiated was that to those who aren't ready it confounds more than it helps.

Old Tiler Talks by Carl Claudy A good book for a Past Master who enjoys continuing his own knowledge and to help him mentor the brethren.

The Lodge Officer's Handbook by James Hatcher An invaluable learning tool for any brother who is moving up through the chairs and needs to know what is expected of him in each officer's position. Highly recommended. Solomon's Builders: Hutchens An introspective explanation of the Scottish Rite upper degrees. First Three Degrees by Albert Pike. Masonic Words and Phrases by Michael R.

The Templars: The History and the Myth: Albert Mackey. Mackey's Jurisprudence of Freemasonry by Dr. Mackey Masonic laws and governance. Some of your own Grand Lodge laws may supercede these written laws, however, this book is foundational to understanding and practicing Masonic law. Observing the Craft: This book provides an excellent introspection into the need to go "back to the basics" within our lodges, and it rightfully calls each member to be a guiding light to assist both new and long-time brothers to truly learn the meaning of the Craft, and not simply be satisfied to only memorize the words within the ritual.

The Masonic Wife was written to answer many of the questions that men and women have about Freemasonry. It will answer questions such as: Is Freemasonry Good or Evil? Macoy's Modern Worshipful Master's Assistant. If you are a collector of original or older works by famous Freemason authors of rarely found Masonic books for your Masonic library, feel free to browse the links on my Rare Masonic Books page.

[PDF] The bridge to light Read Full Ebook

Even if you are not a collector, you may find many of these works to be interesting historical Masonic reading. The Bible warns us that human beings are not good see Rom. A Bridge to Light also errs when it claims that the soul of man is part of the Divine [p. The Bible teaches us that humans were created in the image of God see Gen.

However, the Bible never instructs us that humans are a part of God. The Bible instead stresses the distinction between God and humanity see Num. When God created human beings, He made something that was not Himself. This is the heart of the Christian understanding of creation. Her worship was so popular that the cult of Isis was one of the last mystery cults to survive [Leonard H.

A bridge to light ( edition) | Open Library

Lesko, Isis, The Encyclopedia of Religion 7, ed. Christians must reject the statement that the pagan god Khem is the source of life. The New Testament instructs us that it is Jesus, not the great god Khem, who is the true source of life see John ,48,51; ; The recognition and respect accorded these Egyptian deities in A Bridge to Light is highly objectionable. Among these deities are gods and goddesses that are condemned in the Bible.

For example, the ninth plague in which God brought darkness on the land of Egypt see Ex. It is highly objectionable to Christians that Scottish Rite Freemasonry includes references to these deities in its rituals. The Bible warns its readers that they are to have nothing to do with Egyptian deities. No Christian should ever participate in any ceremony or ritual that involves pagan deities see Ex. The influence of these pagan and occultic groups can be found in several Scottish Rite rituals.

In its discussion of the 9th degree, A Bridge to Light claims that one of this degrees symbols originated in the mystical and occult school of the Jewish Kabalah [pp. Commenting on the 17th degree, A Bridge to Light quotes Pike, who indicates that two of the colors used in the degree are emblems of the sun and moon, which in turn are representations of the pagan deities Osiris and Isis [Morals and Dogma, p. A Bridge to Light also claims that the 24th degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry focuses on the mystery religions of the ancient world.

Candidates for this degree are invited to compare the teachings of Masonry with these mystery religions [pp. In the commentary on the 28th degree, we are informed by A Bridge to Light that the eye of gold is a symbol of the sun or of the Deity [p.

The book also explains the symbol of the gnostic worm as it is used in Scottish Rite Freemasonry [p.

Of all the degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the 31st degree probably has the greatest uses of pagan symbolism. According to A Bridge to Light, Isis directs the Masonic candidate to the altar of the great god Khem, the source of life [p.

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Response: Isis was the chief goddess in the ancient 4 Scottish Rite Uses the Occult as a Source of Religious Truth In addition to using pagan religions as a source for its teachings, Scottish Rite Freemasonry also has employed several occult sources. For example, astrology, which is a form of occult divination, is spoken highly of by A Bridge to Light. The book even claims that the biblical character Enoch was learned in astrology [pp.

According to A Bridge to Light, the 28th degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry studies the occultic practices of numerology, astrology, and alchemy [p. The book also claims that the signs of the occultic zodiac are found in the 19th degree and associates them with the 12 tribes of Israel [pp. A Bridge to Light claims that the occultic symbol of the pentagram is associated with the Greek characters Alpha and Omega, a biblical title for Jesus see Rev.

Response: The Bible warns its readers that they are to have nothing to do with the occult see Ex. The claim made by A Bridge to Light that the biblical character Enoch was learned in astrology is not supported by the Christian Scriptures. The book is disingenuous when it leaves its readers with this impression. The implication of this statement is that astrology is compatible with walking with God.

The Bible, however, indicates that this in not true. Astrology is a form of divination, and the Bible warns its readers that God considers divination an abomination see Deut.

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The statements made about Genesis 49 and astrology also falsely imply that Jacob was a practitioner of astrology. A reading of Genesis 49 reveals that astrology is not the subject matter of this biblical passage. The statement found in A Bridge to Light that the 12 tribes of Israel are associated with the 12 signs of the astrological zodiac is both false and offensive.

Even more offensive is the claim made by A Bridge to Light that the Greek letters Alpha and Omega are representative of the divine in man.

According to the book of Revelation, the Greek letters Alpha and Omega do not represent the divine in man but rather represent the GodMan Jesus Christ. When Jesus claims to be the Alpha and Omega, He is making a unique claim for personal divinity see Rev. He is not claiming that all humans are divine, as claimed by A Bridge to Light [pp. It should also be pointed out that the pentagram is one of the most common symbols of the occult and is used in countless magick rituals.

Masons may use it to symbolize humanity, but other groups give this occultic symbol entirely different meanings. Response: The belief that one can do something to make oneself acceptable to God is a belief common to many false religions. Human nature leads people to believe that there is something they can do to earn eternal life.

The Bible, however, informs us that this belief is wrong. The Bible warns us that there is nothing that we can do to make ourselves acceptable to God.

Salvation is obtained on Gods terms, not by what may appear right to humans. The Bible informs us that salvation is the result of the grace of God and that this grace comes to us when we personally place our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible also warns us that the grace of God is incompatible with any type of works salvation see Rom. The teaching that salvation is the result of good works which is found in BTL is highly objectionable to Christians.

It is objectionable because it contradicts the teaching of Scripture. Associated Data The video clips supporting this article have been uploaded as part of the electronic supplementary material.

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