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books based on votes: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky, James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing by G. Norma. Welcome to the best completed, novel-length, high quality HP fanfic repository! . Once I knew Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone ammounted to something like . 3) Now you can download the stories for your own enjoyment as a ZIP file. Convert fanfictions to ebooks. Supports mingnoreftatan.tk, mingnoreftatan.tk, mingnoreftatan.tk, & mingnoreftatan.tk Convert to ePub and MOBI.

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Harry Potter Fanfiction Epub

Books: Harry Potter fanfiction archive with over stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Site: mingnoreftatan.tk | Category: Harry Potter | Rated: Fiction M | Chapters: 10 | Words: 84, Update Notes: Direct EPUB downloads for FFnet!. Harry Potter: Lost epub edition Harry Potter: Connections epub edition Harry Potter: Revelations epub edition Harry Potter: Indentity epub edition.

Harry Potter universe is phenomenally popular among fanfiction writers and readers. There are not only thousands of fan-written stories available to read online, but also multiple websites dedicated to hosting Harry Potter fics of all lengths and genres. It comes as no surprise that most stories are average at best, and many are incomplete. That being said, some HP fanfics are truly outstanding, and - dare I say it - rival the original in terms of how well thought-out and written they are. Finding such stories is not easy. With that in mind, I created this page to share the best Harry Potter fanfics I've ever read. When I say realistic, I mean it in terms of portrayal of the Second Wizarding War and how it affects the Muggles, the detail that went into expanding the Harry Potter world, and the actions and emotions of the characters. It is still very much a fantasy story, and magic plays a crucial part in it. The story starts with more mature and grown-up characters making a last stand against Voldemort. The atmosphere is bleak and melancholic, but very believable unlike many other HP fics which attempt to be "dark". There is a certain balance, and hope is never lost. Harry Potter and the Last Horcrux was started back in , and was only recently completed. If you have read this story before, you might recall the two endings, one of which was unfinished.

Tara Gilesbie. Who La Hoop. Maya Mistful. Matthew Schocke. Alice O'Really. Shaya Lonnie Goodreads Author. Cassandra Claire. Emma Lipardi. Ianthe Waiting Goodreads Author. Mistress Nika. Sara Holmes. Madame Weasley Goodreads Author. Epic Solemnity. Lady Moonglow. Flagging a list will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review. We take abuse seriously in our book lists. Only flag lists that clearly need our attention.

Harry Potter FanFiction

As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or for being critical of a book. Leo books 51 friends. Phil books friends. Nafisa books friends. Jesst books 55 friends. Sofia books 98 friends. Devi books 79 friends. Renata books 0 friends. Alexander books friends.

Dec 22, Jan 24, JW wrote: To Kill a Mockingbird Feb 18, Hi everyone, I have created a new group called Goodreads All Sorts and I'd love for people to join it or just even just give it a look.

It's a group that discusses anything and everything. There will be monthly group reads, movies, and music. There is a folder for everything you could think of.

I'd really like if people could spread the word because I'd love for the group to be a success. Here is the link to the group: Thanks very much, Jack: Sep 15, Removed Redeeming Love. It's clearly not Harry Potter fanfiction. Apr 13, I don't know how to add this to the booklist but here's one: Harry Potter and the Necklace of Menat.

Jul 25, If you guys want a good Harry Potter fanfiction series, read the unbroken trilogy. The best I've read actually. I can't believe I'm saying it First book: Promises Unbroken By: Robin4 Sirius Black remained the Secret Keeper and everything he feared came to pass.

Ten years later, James and Lily live, Harry attends Hogwarts, and Voldemort remains…yet the world is different and nothing is as it seems. AU, updated for HBP. Second book: Promises Remembered By: Robin4 Sirius is ten years out of his time. Remus is having disturbing visions.

James is struggling to hold the world together. Peter is trying to learn how to live without lies. They are the main characters, but it's not necessarily a romantic relationship. The sequel, End Game, continues the tale through the trio's 7th year and the final battle with Voldemort. The relationship focus continues. Harry must deal with the problem of having two girls in love with him and the realization that he has feelings for both of them.

The two parts were originally posted separately, but I'm combining them here, since together they comprise one complete story. How would Harry have managed without her? What if Harry had reacted more strongly to the Ministry's threat to expel him and snap his wand? What if he had fled the country rather than submit to the trial? Continuation of What If? Another Goblet Of Fire Alternative. Many fanfics speculate about what would have happened if Harry had asked Hermione to the Yule Ball.

Or what if he had taken Ginny to the Ball? Here's a twist. What if he had done both?

And what else in the story might have changed as a result? An early morning talk between Harry and Hermione about how their lives are going leads to some decisions. Set after the final battle in book 7. Post DH excluding Epilogue. Following his defeat of Voldemort, Harry finds the pressures of his even greater celebrity unbearable, and decides he needs to leave wizarding Britain.

His best and truest friend makes him promise to return someday. Post HBP. While researching for methods to destroy Horcruxes, Hermione finds a ritual that may also help her with her personal life. The result is eyeopening for more than one member of the trio.

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but extended absence can also make a couple drift away from each other. Which leads to a revelation that changes the course of the story.

Set during Book 6. Harry begins to see Hermione in a different light as a result of their first Potions lesson and the comments she makes prior to the quidditch tryouts.

But things never go smoothly for Harry Potter. Tales From 6 th Year will be a series of one shot stories that take place, not surprisingly, during Book 6. Two are written so far, and I have ideas for two more. They will be unrelated to each other, and will be roughly canon compatible until the start of each story. In A Revealing Rendezvous first published in , Harry is caught off guard when Hermione and Ron introduce him to a surprising practice among Hogwarts prefects, which causes him to look at one of his best friends in an entirely different way.

It takes place during Book 7. A series of dreams following the encounter with Nagini on Christmas Eve has Harry rethinking the way he sees and acts toward Hermione. Things change as a result. This story, written in , is the first of my 'Harry gets fed up with everything and leaves for Australia' stories.

The only surprising thing, to me, is that it takes him seven years to say "Enough! I'm getting out of here! The unveiling of some scenes which were cut from the original drafts of the Harry Potter books puts the validity of the Epilogue in question. Read this additional material and learn how the story really ended.

A Harry Potter fanfic

After seeing his son off on the Hogwarts Express, Harry wakes up in an unexpected place. And finds himself with more memories than ought to be possible. Set during Book 7. During the time she and Harry are alone in the tent, Hermione discovers a spell that could be extremely useful against Voldemort.

Does Harry dare use it? The war's over! Now, that is some nice ammount of text. Haven't read the new book yet. Do you guys think I should upload fanfics based on it?

15 Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories For The Grown-Up Newbie | Book Riot

Do you want non-harry centered fics here? That was due to the coding of the old owner, but I'm writing most of it again from scratch. Database problem fixed, thank you for the support emails! I had no idea how many people actually read these fanfics. I'm working on new stories to add, but I need suggestions. Feel free to send them to: nadie4ever. Changed the coding of the web. Back to black and new possibilities with this new coding.

Re-added the stories that were in limbo. Added more pairings. Added new sorting features so everything you like is easier to find. Adapted to cellphones so they have the same coding. Any errors, send me an email to nadie4ever.

The summer ended and I've added the last of the summer update. The Muggleborn Witches Series is one of a kind in this page. The point of view POV is not primarly Harry.

It is a good, strong and long read anyways and I do recommend it.

It is not. Here's the why: completed stories. Half a thousand completed fanfics!!! This was the preliminary update. I had to remove some stories.

Please, if you see some incomplete stories, it is my responsibility to remove them. You can address me at nadie4ever.

As you can imagine, they're quite good and the pairings are alternative too. Please be kind and leave the authors a review on their original author page. More fanfics to come later I got rid of all images and implemented some CSS3 code. One user complained about a non-completed fic.

I do make mistakes, so if you see one, send the culprit over to nadie.

Harry Potter FanFiction

I got 39 new stories spaning over 58 new fanfiction books. You'll see why in the next announcement. The minimal fanfic length has been lowered from , words to 60, words. Some stories are an exception, as always Ships have been expanded. It will be the last update in a while. I have to travel to the US for a while, so I won't be available. But I left you enough to works to read, xD.

We're celebrating several things: More than stories. More than series and more than authors.

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